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S'pore Woman Finds 'Squashed' Rat In GrabFood Order, SFA Investigating

Dead Rat Found In GrabFood Delivery By Singapore Woman, SFA Investigating

It’s not uncommon for GrabFood customers to occasionally discover surprises in the form of split drinks or missing items in their orders. A GrabFood customer made arguably one of the most disgusting discoveries in her recent order.

When Mdm Farahliza collected a bag of brownies delivered to her doorstep from local pastry company Annabella Patisserie, she and her husband immediately noticed a strong pungent smell.

To their horror, they found a squashed, rotting rat in the bag,

Annabella Patisserie has since apologised and refunded Mdm Farahliza. Meanwhile, Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is investigating the incident.

Woman finds ‘squashed’ rat in GrabFood order

On Wednesday (8 Nov), Mdm Farahliza’s husband ordered a box of 20 brownies from Annabella Patisserie as a belated birthday gift for his wife.

The 37-year-old’s husband included a note, instructing the delivery rider to hang it on the unit’s gate.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

The delivery rider left the order on the gate as instructed, with the box inside a Velcro-sealed bag.

About three minutes after delivery, Mdm Farahliza took the delivery bag in and immediately noticed a strong pungent smell emanating from within. Curious, she opened it and took the box of brownies out.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

In the darkness, she could make out another object inside and so brought it to a brighter area for a better look.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

Shockingly, she found a dead rat carcass inside, squashed nearly flat and stuck against one of the sides of the bag.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

The odour from the rotting animal reached her husband in the bedroom, who quickly came out to check it out.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

Mdm Farahliza told MS News that she immediately felt traumatised at the sight. She quickly rushed over to the bathroom, where she vomited.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

At a glance, the rat’s carcass was badly rotted. It did not retain any facial features, with its head being more akin to squashed brown paste.

The couple snapped a few photos and a video of the situation. They then quickly disposed of the bag due to its unbearable stench.

Source: Farah Oh Farah on Facebook

Notably, a brown substance stained the wall of the bag around the rat as well.

Pastry company apologises and gives full refund

Mdm Farahliza complained to both Grab and SFA. She also uploaded the photos to a Facebook post, dubbing it her “worst food experience”.

In the comments, Annabella Patisserie extended an apology and stated that they had processed a full refund.

Source: Facebook

Mdm Farahliza confirmed with MS News that she received a full refund.

The pastry company also explained their intent to visit her about the incident and promised an investigation.

Furthermore, they released alleged CCTV footage of the order being packed. In it, an employee appeared to find nothing amiss inside the delivery bag.

Source: Facebook

Mdm Farahliza told MS News that she would leave the “traumatising incident” to the authorities’ investigations.

An SFA spokesperson informed MS News that the agency is currently investigating the matter. They added that SFA “will not hesitate to take enforcement action against errant food operators.”

The agency also encouraged members of the public to report such incidents via their online feedback form.

In a similar case, a man found a still-alive rat inside a packet of delivered bread.

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Featured image adapted from Farah Oh Farah on Facebook.

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