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Man Stumbles & Crashes Head-First Into Police Vehicle At Clarke Quay, SCDF Attends To Him

Man Stumbles & Crashes Head-First Into Police Vehicle Parked Outside Central Clarke Quay

Seasoned drinkers would always make sure they have trusted friends around during a long night out — should there be any emergency situations.

Such a situation befell a man in Clarke Quay when he stumbled off a step and crashed into a parked police vehicle.

Image courtesy of Eleanor

SCDF paramedics later arrived at the scene to attend to the incident.

Man falls head-first into parked police vehicle at Central Clarke Quay

Eleanor, who goes by @sugaryygummybearz on TikTok, shared footage of the incident in the early hours of Saturday (21 Oct).

At the start of the video, police officers were seen alighting from their vehicle which was parked along the road outside Central Clarke Quay.

Image courtesy of Eleanor

Nothing seemed amiss at first, but without warning, a man in blue — initially standing by a fountain — stumbled off a step and crashed head-first into the wheel compartment next to the front passenger seat.

Image courtesy of Eleanor

The impact of the collision seemingly caught the attention of the police officers. One of them immediately turned around to check on the man who lay sprawled next to the pavement.

Image courtesy of Eleanor

The video then cuts to another scene of an ambulance pulling up to the mall, presumably to attend to the injured man.

Source: TikTok

SCDF alerted to incident, but assistance was not required

Speaking to MS News, Eleanor said the man sustained a “big patch” of scratches on his left cheek.

She shared that the police were initially there to attend to another case. A man, who appeared intoxicated, was apparently shouting at a male friend and was challenging passersby to a fight.

Eventually, the two men, together with another woman, exited the mall on their own.

In response to MS News‘ queries, the SCDF said they received an alert about the incident at about 2.55am on Saturday (21 Oct).

There was no need for SCDF’s assistance in the end.

Earlier this year, passengers were seen helping a fellow commuter who appeared drunk on the MRT.

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Featured image courtesy of Eleanor. 

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