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'Unfit For Living': Xiaohongshu Users Complain About Pasir Ris Condo Bomb Shelter With S$650 Rent

Pasir Ris Condo Bomb Shelter With S$650 Rent Exasperates Xiaohongshu Users

HDB rent prices, like nearly everything else, have risen steadily in the past year.

Unfortunately, for those looking for a place to stay, encountering odd landlords and places appears to be the norm.

Take this case of a Xiaohongshu user who encountered someone renting out what appears to be a bomb shelter in Pasir Ris — for S$650.

An attached image of the bomb shelter shows no furnishings within, save for a mattress and bedside table.

There are no windows either.

The OP concluded that they wouldn’t live in this room even if they were paid S$200.

Xiaohongshu user posts bomb shelter being rented for S$650 in Pasir Ris

Xiaohongshu user Haluoha posted about the encounter on Friday (6 Oct), attaching images of the room as well as a description, purportedly from a landlord.

Source: Xiaohongshu

“This kind of storeroom going for S$650, I must be drunk, is this even legal to rent out?” the caption read.

“I wouldn’t live here even if you paid me S$200, my body would be destroyed.”

It’s unclear if the OP did take up the offer or has stayed there.

Health would deteriorate if one stays there, user comments

Someone noted in the comments that staying there for a month would mean having eczema flare up on their hands.

There appears to be a lack of ventilation, they said, which would cause the room to be humid and stuffy.

Source: Xiaohongshu

Their immune system would also worsen.

“Don’t ask how I know this,” the user noted sardonically, perhaps implying that they stayed in such a room themselves.

“This place isn’t fit for living.”

Master bedroom available for S$1,400

The OP also attached a screenshot of a description of the unit, which appears to be located at 7 Pasir Ris Drive 4.

It advertises its location as being friendly for airport staff, as it is close to the airport.

It also includes details about other rent rates and the location. A master bedroom is being rented out for S$1,400.

The bomb shelter, meanwhile, is going for S$650 monthly.

You can use the condo facilities too. There’s a barbecue pit, gym, and swimming pool available.

Though you can’t rent out an HDB-built bomb shelter or storeroom, there are no such rules prohibiting private properties from renting out such a room.

In 2020, a landlord used this to their advantage and rented out a utility room for S$500.

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Featured image adapted from Xiaohongshu and Google Maps.

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