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McDonald's S'pore Stops Offering Whipped Cream For Frappés, Drink With Less Guilt

McDonald’s Discontinues Whipped Cream For Frappés From 12 Oct

Most people would be used to seeing their frappés topped with whipped cream for that extra sweetness.

Frappés from McDonald’s outlets in Singapore, however, will no longer come with whipped cream, effective 12 Oct.

Source: McDonald’s on Facebook

The fast food chain said the move comes after their observation that more customers are requesting heir frappés without whipped cream.

McDonald’s discontinues whipped cream for frappés

On Wednesday (11 Oct), McDonald’s Singapore announced via social media that its frappés will not come with whipped cream from Thursday (12 Oct).

Source: McDonald’s on Facebook

The fast-food chain assured customers that their frappés will have “the same great taste” but “without the guilt”.

A cursory check on the McDonald’s app shows that there’s no option to add the topping to frappé drinks.

Source: McDonald’s app

In response to MS News’ queries, a McDonald’s Singapore spokesperson explained that the decision was made to lower the overall saturated fat content of their beverages.

The spokesperson also shared that the move was partly driven by their observation that more customers are ordering their frappés without whipped cream.

They assured customers that the decision “was not taken lightly” and hoped they’d still enjoy the drinks albeit with the tweak.

Change not well-received among netizens

Shortly after McDonald’s announced the move, netizens did not seem to take well to the news.

A Facebook user pointed out that a frappé without whipped cream is nothing but an ice-blended drink.

Source: Facebook

Another user said that customers should be offered the choice of frappés with or without whipped cream.

Source: McDonald’s on Facebook

This Instagram user was rather blunt with their response, pointing out that “healthy” and “McDonald’s” shouldn’t belong in the same sentence.

Source: Instagram

Would you still go for frappé drinks if they don’t come with whipped cream? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

McDonald’s move to discontinue whipped cream from its frappés is in line with MOH’s push to reduce Singaporeans’ sugar intake.

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Featured image adapted from McDonald’s on Facebook and by MS News. 

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