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Man Catches Someone Recording Him While Showering At MacRitchie Reservoir Toilet, Calls Police

Man Notices Someone Recording Him In MacRitchie Reservoir Toilet

Recently, a man caught someone else recording him with the camera of his mobile phone in the toilet at MacRitchie Reservoir.

He had been sitting on a bench in the area, aiming the device towards the cubicle where he took his shower.

Feeling uneasy, the man received the assistance of other park-goers in confronting the perpetrator, and he admitted to committing the offence.

The man subsequently filed a police report regarding the matter.

Man allegedly recorded in MacRitchie Reservoir showers

Speaking to MS News, Amyn shared that the incident occurred on 21 Oct, 11am, in a toilet at MacRitchie Reservoir.

After completing his run, he entered the showers. This was when he spotted a young man seated on a bench in the area, fully dressed.

Image courtesy of Amyn

Placing his belongings down on the bench, Amyn proceeded to shower in one of the cubicles. Upon exiting it, he realised the man was still present.

“It became apparent that he had positioned his camera discreetly, aiming towards the open shower area,” Amyn said.

Image courtesy of Amyn

Man confronts perpetrator with assistance of parkgoers

Feeling uneasy, Amyn said he discreetly captured photographic evidence of the man’s actions.

He then went to seek assistance from fellow parkgoers in the area.

Together, they confronted the perpetrator, who initially attempted to deny his actions and hastily deleted the recorded footage.

Image courtesy of Amyn

However, Amyn and the other park-goers pressed on with the confrontation.

“Through persistent questioning, one of the individuals accompanying me successfully pressured him into admitting his misconduct,” he said.

Image courtesy of Amyn

After the confrontation, Amyn contacted the police to report the incident.

Police reportedly find incriminating videos on man’s phone

Upon their arrival, the group detailed what had happened, and police proceeded to examine the man’s phone.

Image courtesy of Amyn

The device reportedly contained additional incriminating videos, proving their allegations true.

While there has been no update on the situation since that day, Amyn said police informed him they would call him to come down to the station if they require more information.

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Featured image courtesy of Amyn.

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