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Man Beats Woman Unconscious On Street In Hong Kong, Police Arrest 16-Year-Old

Man Beats Woman On Hong Kong Street, They’re Believed To Be In A Relationship

Warning: Some readers may find the photos and descriptions in this article graphic and triggering. Discretion is advised.

While seeing men in drunken brawls or gang fights may not be too surprising in seedier parts of Hong Kong (HK), a man beating a defenceless woman might be more disturbing.

A shocking video circulating online shows a man savagely beating a woman in broad daylight on a street in HK until she ends up lying motionless.

Source: HK01

The police reportedly arrested a 16-year-old for the incident.

Man beats woman on the head in Hong Kong street

The video, apparently taken by a passer-by and seen by HK news outlet HK01, starts off with the two involved in an altercation in the middle of the street, which had many shops and people around.

In the footage, the man audibly shouts as he grapples with the woman.

Source: HK01

Suddenly, he throws a few punches at her head.

Source: HK01

The blows cause her to fall to her knees on the road with him gripping her hair.

A few passers-by notice what’s happening, but fail to intervene.

Source: HK01

Man punches woman again, then kicks her

However, the man is far from done — in fact, he’s just getting started.

As the woman remains in a kneeling position on the road, he pulls her head up by her hair and starts shouting again.

Source: HK01

The woman raises her arms as if to stop him or protect herself. Undeterred, the man aims another punch at her head.

Source: HK01

Worse still, he then kicks her.

Source: HK01

Woman appears to pass out after kick

That last kick appears to cause the woman to pass out.

She eventually ends up lying on the road, motionless.

Source: HK01

Seemingly unperturbed, the man just casually picks up a phone on the ground and walks away.

Incident took place on 24 Oct: Police

In response to online furore over the video, HK Police said it came to their attention on Tuesday (24 Oct), HK01 reported.

Inspector Luk Chi-Ho shared that they launched an investigation and found the member of the public who took the video.

The incident took place at Tsim Sha Tsui at 10.40am that same day, and the couple left in a taxi afterwards, he added.

Source: HK01

It is believed that they are in a relationship.

Hong Kong police arrest man who beats woman

On Wednesday (25 Oct), the Hong Kong police arrested a 16-year-old unemployed youth surnamed Guan after identifying him through the video.

He is accused of assault causing bodily harm. If convicted, he could get up to three years’ jail.

The youth is now out on bail pending investigation and must report back to the police in late November.

He is believed to be affiliated with a local triad named Sun Yee On.

Hopefully, the poor woman isn’t too badly hurt and will recover from her injuries soon.

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Featured image adapted from HK01.

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