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M'sian YouTuber Asks S'poreans How His Country Can Catch Up, Some Say Improving Political Stability Is Key

YouTuber Asks Singaporeans How Malaysia Can Catch Up With Singapore

A YouTuber from Malaysia recently took to the streets of Singapore to ask residents what his home country can do to catch up with the Lion City.

Addressing how Singapore has a first-world reputation while some still see Malaysia as a developing country, he wanted to discover his neighbours’ secrets across the Causeway.

Some respondents suggested stabilising their politics. There were also those who believed that Malaysia should tap into the potential of its people and retain its talent.

Surveyed residents of Singapore about their observations of Malaysia & how it can catch up

On Wednesday (20 Sep), Malaysian YouTube creator Mr Money TV uploaded a video of the onsite survey.

For the video, the creator asked Singapore residents what they think about Malaysia in terms of its economy.

He also asked respondents to give suggestions on how his home country can catch up with the Lion City.

One respondent disclaimed that his answers are “approximations at best” and apologised if he errored. He then requested a few moments from the interviewer to consider his response.

He feels that many people’s first impressions of Singapore would be that it is more developed with a better economy, while Malaysia seems to always be in “political turmoil”.

Source: Mr Money TV on YouTube

With the instability that comes with the constant change and chase for power, the respondent feels that Malaysians may be disgruntled towards politicians who “don’t care” about them because of that.

That being said, he also recognised that Singapore also has its limitations, such as its small size.

Singaporeans have greater spending power across the Causeway

Another respondent noted that the living expenses in Malaysia are lower than Singapore’s.

However, this is from the lens of a Singaporean going over the Causeway.

“I believe that most [Malaysians] working there would find it high to be living and working there at the same time.”

Source: Mr Money TV on YouTube

A female respondent later echoed similar sentiments. She stated that Singaporeans have greater spending power in Malaysia as they benefit from current exchange rates.

Good governance & retaining talent key to closing development gap between both countries

Responding to a question about how Malaysia could possibly fix the gap, a respondent said establishing the same strict and incorruptible system of governance was crucial.

Someone else highlighted that Malaysia has the upper hand in terms of resources, and its large population could benefit in a few more decades under good leadership.

Agreeing with this point, one of the previous respondents said it would be good for Malaysia to tap into the potential and talents of its people.

According to him, many talented Malaysians have to seek opportunities overseas because they do not have an avenue at home. Therefore, talent retention is a major problem the country needs to remedy.

“I guess that could be a starting point whereby they retain more of their talent, keep them within the economy and aid the growth of their country”.

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Featured image adapted from My Money TV on YouTube.

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