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DPM Lawrence Wong Says He’s Ready To Take Over From PM Lee & Bring S'pore Forward

Lawrence Wong & PAP 4G Team Ready To Lead Singapore

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong says his 4G team is now ready to lead Singapore to new progress.

At the PAP Awards and Convention on Sunday (5 Nov), DPM Wong, also the Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Action Party (PAP), added he has been working hard to receive the baton from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

At the convention, he spoke about his intention to find common ground with Singaporeans and unite them amidst the trying global climate.

He also promises to do his best when it comes to communicating policy matters. In addition, he urged the party to improve how they convey what they stand for as well as long-term plans.

Lawrence Wong says he’s spent time getting ready for ‘biggest responsibility of all’

On Sunday (5 Nov), at the PAP Awards and Convention 2023, DPM Wong spoke about his upcoming role as the next leader of the PAP and its 4G team.

He shared that he has been working hard to receive the baton from PM Lee, having taken on different postings over his 25-year career.

While the postings were “meaningful and fulfilling”, DPM Wong noted that each of them was more challenging than the last.

“And now, the biggest responsibility of all lies before me. You know what I’m talking about.”

Source: People’s Action Party on Facebook

Acknowledging the weight of the duty and demand of the job, he promises that he is “all in, heart and soul, to give nothing but [his] very best.”

“Comrades, standing before all of you in this convention, today I say, I am ready for my next assignment.”

Will lead by finding common ground with Singaporeans

DPM Wong shared that the potential impact of global uncertainties and turmoil on Singapore’s social cohesion is what worries him the most.

As such, he intends to base his leadership on finding common ground with Singaporeans.

“Not separating and dividing, but keeping us together as one united people,” he said.

At the same time, he realises that he is unable to please everyone.

“But I will do my best to explain my decision, to be upfront about the problems and trade-offs, and win the support of the broad majority of Singaporeans,” he pledged.

Highlighting that it is not a given that Singaporeans will vote for the PAP, DPM Wong singled out the importance of retaining people’s trust.

Source: Betty Chua/MCI via Lawrence Wong on Facebook

DPM Wong said that the desire for more opposition representatives is, at its core, the desire for validation of the lived experience of those who may not have been heard.

“If we want to win their confidence, they must be included. The PAP must be a party not just for our supporters, but for all Singaporeans.”

Calls on PAP to sharpen communications & messaging

To do so, he called on the Party to broaden its outreach and engage Singaporeans on different platforms. He explained, “We must engage a wider range of groups, and grow the diversity of people we bring into our PAP.”

On top of that, the PAP must sharpen its messages and focus on getting them across instead of just relying on action.

“If we only focus on actions, and we fail to get our messages I think we will have a big problem.”

He encouraged the use of different platforms, such as social media, to convey its messages to the right people.

Source: Lim Sin Thai/MCI via Lawrence Wong on Facebook

The PAP will also need to highlight how their policies differ from those the opposition offer, and clearly explain why their policies are better for Singaporeans.

Will provide PAP activists with resources to engage & lead Singaporeans

Finally, DPM Wong emphasised that a review and strengthening of party organisation is the “most critical step”.

Recognising that their people and activists are their greatest asset in building trust among people, he wants to empower them to do more.

“I want to provide you with more resources to drive causes that you believe in, and turn ideas into action,” he said.

He promises to equip PAP activists to be leaders in their communities, so as to draw in new members and volunteers regardless of background.

“Together, we will demonstrate our resolve and commitment as a party fully committed to the mission of uniting Singaporeans and building our shared future together.”

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Featured image adapted from People’s Action Party on Facebook

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