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Customer Complains Of Hairy Kway Chap Pig Skin, Jurong West Stall Willing To Offer Refund

Jurong West Stall Says They’re Happy To Give Replacement Or Refund Over Hairy Pig Skin In Kway Chap

While kway chap is a dish beloved by many Singaporeans, eating it may literally get hairy if the innards are not cleaned properly.

One customer complained that the pig skin on their kway chap was filled with hair.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

The stallholder said they’re happy to offer a replacement or refund if customers bring this up to them.

Hairy kway chap pig skin from Jurong West 505 Food Centre

The kway chap in question was bought from a stall in Jurong West 505 Food Centre, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The market and hawker centre is located along Jurong West Street 52.

Source: Google Maps

The customer had posted a photo of their hairy pig skin on Facebook in order to express their dissatisfaction, the paper said.

Stallholder says pig skin from supplier ‘definitely’ hairy

The stallholder, named only as Mr Long (transliterated from Mandarin), said when interviewed that this is the first time he’s received such a complaint.

This is after being in the business for more than 20 years, he added.

When the pig skin arrives from the supplier, it will “definitely” be hairy, he explained.

They would then proceed to clean it during the food preparation process.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Pig skin that can’t be cleaned properly will be disposed of, he maintained, and won’t be given to customers.

Even pig skin that’s “not pretty” and has a prickly texture will be rejected, he noted.

Hairy pig skin in kway chap a one-off

Thus, Mr Long said the “hairy” pig skin encountered by the customer was a one-off occurrence.

The customers should’ve told them about it, he added, and they would be happy to offer a replacement.

They would also give them a refund.

Diners interviewed have no complaints

The stall’s kway chap was tested out by Shin Min, whose reporter didn’t find any hair in their portion.

Source: Google Maps

A diner, a 68-year-old woman, said it was her first time trying the kway chap from this stall and she found it satisfactory, adding,

Another diner, a 73-year-old regular customer, said he patronises the stall often.

However, he has never found too much hair on his pig skin, he added.

Quality can be subjective

While most customers’ complaints over food are usually over supposedly meagre portions or expensive prices, sometimes they’re about quality, which can be subjective.

For example, a customer took issue with getting “watery” durians from a stall in Holland Village but instead provided them with free publicity.

So in all likelihood, the hairy pig skin was a one-off incident, one of several that are possible when eating out.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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