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Kids Hurl Rock & Bicycle Down Ang Mo Kio HDB, Parents Reportedly Apologise & Offer Compensation

Kids Throw Rock & Bicycle Off Ang Mo Kio HDB 7th Floor

Kids are mischievous little rascals, but two in particular caught on CCTV went a bit too far in their pranks. The video showed two young children hurling a rock off the seventh floor of an Ang Mo Kio (AMK) HDB.

Not satisfied, they then flung a neighbour’s children’s bicycle off the building too before scampering off.

The OP and many netizens criticised the danger of throwing killer litter.

Shin Min Daily News reported that their parents apologised and offered compensation for damages.

Young children throw rock off 7th floor

In the shocking CCTV footage shared by Instagram page @sgfollowsall, two young children are seen playing in the HDB corridor.

The incident took place on Tuesday (10 Oct) at 1.38pm, at Block 244 AMK Avenue 1, according to the timestamp in the video.

Shin Min Daily News also reported that the girl is nine years old while the boy, her brother, is seven.

The neighbour who owns the camera lives on the seventh floor, where the kids appeared in the footage.

The footage shows the boy hefting a rather large rock and flinging it straight off the building.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

The two then take a look to see where it landed, with the girl pointing downwards.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

Kids hurl neighbour’s bicycle off HDB next

Seemingly having had their fun, they turn to leave. That was when the boy spotted a new target — the neighbour’s kid’s bicycle.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

He then pulls the bicycle out of a pile of other things. His sister even turns around and looks at the camera with a mischievous grin on her face, presumably urging him to hurry up.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

The boy then picks the kid’s bicycle up and flings it off the 7th floor. The two children then quickly scamper off out of sight.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

The neighbour found the bicycle destroyed on the ground floor later. They checked the CCTV and found the culprits.

Due to the possibility of severe injuries from the killer litter, many netizens urged the OP to report it to the police immediately. They hoped the school and the children’s parents could educate their kids before any casualties occurred.

Source: Instagram

Parents apologised and offered compensation

Shin Min Daily News reported that other neighbours saw the brother and sister playing in the corridors. They also found their property, such as shoes, missing, but could not prove the children were behind it.

Another neighbour alleged that the kids’ parents apologised to the bicycle owner and offered to compensate them for damages.

Furthermore, they promised to properly educate their children.

Hopefully, the parents get through to their kids and avoid any more dangerous cases like this.

Earlier this year, someone hurled bricks from the eighth floor of a Bukit Merah HDB block, nearly hitting others.

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Featured image adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.

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