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GrabUnlimited User Cancels Subscription Claiming Price Discrimination, Grab Denies Claims 

GrabUnlimited User Cancels Subscription After Price Experiment

Those who use food delivery apps know that it can get pricey, so deals like GrabUnlimited are always welcome.

However, a GrabUnlimited subscriber recently found out that he hadn’t been saving as much as he thought.

In an experiment, the user was apparently charged a higher service fee than someone else with a standard account.

Grab has since reached out to the user, claiming that they do not price discriminate.

GrabUnlimited customer conducts experiment after reading online accounts

The user brought attention to the issue in a Facebook post on Friday (5 May).

In the post, the OP detailed his experiment and the reason behind the test.

Source: Facebook

Before jumping into the details, he provided some context about his GrabUnlimited subscription.

He shared that he subscribed to GrabUnlimited last year after considering the “attractive” perks.

For only S$5.99 a month, he would save S$3 from the total bill every time he ordered food using the app.

Based on Grab’s website, GrabUnlimited subscribers can claim the S$3 GrabFood delivery voucher 99 times a month.

However, a chance read prompted the OP to check if GrabUnlimited subscribers are ‘assigned’ a different delivery fee.

GrabUnlimited user apparently finds price difference

According to the OP, he then used two phones to make a GrabFood order from the same restaurant, at the same time.

It was then that he found out about the slight difference in service fees.

While the GrabUnlimited subscriber incurred an S$8.80 service fee, the standard user was charged S$6.30.

Source: Facebook

Despite ordering different menu items, the subtotal came up to the same amount.

Source: Facebook

Although he noted that he had saved S$0.50 more as a GrabUnlimited subscriber, the OP still felt as though the deal was a “misrepresentation”.

Following the experiment, the OP cancelled his subscription and stated that “the experiment has left a bad taste in their mouths”.

Grab denies price discrimination

Grab subsequently reached out to the OP in the comments section.

Source: Facebook

First and foremost, Grab stated that it does not “price discriminate amongst users”.

It then elaborated that prices are based on live market conditions at the start of each order.

As there may be times when these conditions can “change drastically”, two users may incur different fares for the same order.

Grab then offered to further investigate the issue.

However, users might find Grab’s statements familiar as they largely resemble those issued in response to other customers who made similar discoveries.

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Featured image adapted from PYMNTS and Facebook.

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