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Woman Claims S'pore Grab Driver Missed Hotel Drop-Off Point & Refused To Return, Gets Refund

Grab Driver Allegedly Misses Hotel Drop-Off Point & Tells Woman To Walk Back On Her Own

Encounters with ride-hailing services can sometimes go awry, leaving passengers with an unpleasant experience.

This was the case for one woman, who said she recently booked a trip with Grab after touching down in Singapore.

Unfortunately, her driver allegedly missed the drop-off point for her hotel and then refused to drive back to the destination.

Grab has since provided her with a refund for the incident.

Grab driver misses hotel drop-off point

Posting to TikTok, Malaysia-based model-actress Nicole Crewe shared that her first impression of Singapore after her arrival last Tuesday (31 Oct) was “very very bad”.

Source: @nicolecrewe on TikTok

“People are so rude,” she said. “I got a driver for a Grab and this guy, he missed my hotel.”

After passing it, the distance to reach the drop-off point at the hotel would have been a five-minute walk, two minutes by car.

When Ms Crewe asked the driver to drop her off at the correct destination, he told her that she could make the walk herself.

Source: @nicolecrewe on TikTok

She responded to this by asking if he could make a U-turn, pointing out that she had a heavy bag.

The driver then allegedly refused again, demanding she walk the distance herself.

“I was like, no, I will not walk it because I have heavy stuff and I paid for you to take me to the hotel,” she said.

Driver starts driving recklessly with passenger inside vehicle

At this point, the driver said he had another customer waiting.

As such, if she did not disembark from the vehicle, he would drive to his next destination with her inside.

Still, Ms Crewe continued to insist that he drive her to the drop-off point for the hotel.

Source: @nicolecrewe on TikTok

The driver responded by allegedly “driving recklessly”.

This caused Ms Crewe to break down into tears as she was “really freaked out”.

Source: @nicolecrewe on TikTok

She then exited the vehicle and made the walk herself.

Woman receives full refund for trip

Speaking to MS News, Ms Crewe explained that one of the bags she had with her then weighed about 17kg.

To make matters worse, she was exhausted after her travels and had not slept well.

“I paid to go to the hotel instead of taking public transport for a reason,” she said, adding that when the driver refused to drive her back, she felt shocked and a sense of hopelessness.

“I was tired and my bag was heavy and the only thing I wanted was to get dropped at my hotel, so I could sleep,” she explained.

After filing a complaint with Grab, Ms Crewe was able to receive a full refund for the trip on 5 Nov.

Rest of woman’s stay in Singapore improved

Despite the poor first impression she had of Singapore, Ms Crewe added that the rest of her stay got better as she was able to meet a lot of “wonderful” people.

While she did not manage to do as much exploring as she wanted, she said that several Singaporeans reached out to her after her video went viral on TikTok.

“I am believing there are many amazing people out there,” she said. “I just had really bad luck at the beginning.”

MS News has reached out to Grab for a statement on the matter.

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Featured image adapted from @nicolecrewe on TikTok.

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