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Large Fungus Spotted At HDB Estate In Woodlands, Comments Say It Looks Like Pizza

Netizen Asks The Internet To Identify Large Fungus Spotted In Woodlands

Singapore may be a small island, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to come across a variety of peculiar organisms when we explore the great outdoors.

One person was in an HSB estate in Woodlands when she stumbled upon a large, pinkish fungus that resembled an alien species.

Source: Reddit

However, many possibly hungry netizens said it looked like a pizza.

Woodlands fungus take form of large discs

In a Reddit post on Friday, a netizen shared photos of the fungus, which took the form of at least two large discs poking out through the foliage.

Source: Reddit

The surfaces of the discs, which are ostensibly the caps, seemed to bear many protrusions that looked like pieces of ham or salami.

Source: Reddit

Curious, the OP asked netizens to help identify the strange-looking organism.

Netizens think Woodlands fungus looks like pizza

Of course, many netizens didn’t take this seriously. Many thought that the fungus looked like pizza.

Source: Reddit

One even joked that it could be Pizza Hut’s new Korean Army Stew Pizza.

Source: Reddit

In keeping with the food theme, one netizen asked in true Singaporean fashion whether it was edible.

Source: Reddit

Others indicated that the fungus made them think of “The Last Of Us”, a PlayStation game and associated HBO series.

For the uninitiated, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world that is suffering from a pandemic caused by a mass fungal infection that causes its host to transform into zombie-like creatures.

Source: Reddit

Other netizens offer possible answers

Some netizens took the assignment seriously, though, and offered up some possible answers.

For example, one was of the opinion that the fungus was Laetiporus sulphureus “chicken of the woods”, which is a species of fungi that grows on trees.

Source: Reddit

However, it’s native to North America and Europe and doesn’t seem to be quite as big as the Woodlands fungus.


Another commenter said it could be “turkey’s tail” or Trametes versicolor, but conceded that he could be wrong.

Source: Reddit

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, turkey’s tail, which is considered a medicinal mushroom, grows on stumps and logs of trees but has cap widths of just 1-4 inches (2.5-10 cm).

Source: Missouri Department of Conservation

Lastly, the most comprehensive answer was given by a netizen who said the fungus appears to belong to the Ganoderma species that’s quite common in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Source: Reddit

According to MDPI’s Journal of Fungi, Ganoderma species are characterised by “double-walled basidiospores that are large, perennial and woody brackets”.

Source: MDPI

They can also pose a threat to Singapore’s urban trees.

What do you think the fungus is? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.

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