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Flash Coffee Jurong Point Closes Temporarily, Workers Allegedly On Strike Due To Late Pay

Sign Declares Flash Coffee Jurong Point Outlet Closed Definitely

Those making a quick trip to Jurong Point for Flash Coffee may find the outlet shut during its regular operational hours.

The coffee franchise, known for its bright yellow and pink colours, last hit the news with region-wide layoffs.

It seems their troubles aren’t over yet, as their Jurong Point staff left a sign announcing that they have gone on strike.

The workers claimed that the strike was over late salary payouts, hence, they closed the branch indefinitely.

Flash Coffee Jurong Point staff allegedly go on strike

On Thursday (12 Oct), TikTok page @resonancereviews uploaded a video showing them arriving at the Flash Coffee outlet at Jurong Point.

When they got there, however, the iconic bright lights of the stall did not shine, and white sheets covered many of the counters and displays. A metal barrier also closed off the entrance.

Source: @resonancereviews on TikTok

Confused, the OP wondered why the coffee shop closed so early in the day.

Source: @resonancereviews on TikTok

That was when they noticed a sign at the entrance and decided to take a closer look.

Written in bold against a yellow background, the sign’s header read, “On Strike!”

Seemingly by staff from the outlet, the notice claimed that the outlet is “closed indefinitely” due to “several late payouts”.

The employees added that Flash baristas in Singapore “deserve a conducive work environment”.

Source: @resonancereviews on TikTok

Despite the negative undertones of the situation, the staff made an effort to thank customers for the good memories before bidding goodbye.

Outlet ‘temporarily closed’ on Google Maps

Perhaps shocked, the TikTok OP later searched Flash Coffee branches on Google Maps, finding them all closed.

Source: @resonancereviews on TikTok

However, it appears that most of these simply closed at the end of their operating hours.

A quick Google Maps search by MS News at the time of writing shows that some outlets are currently operational.

Source: Google

However, the Jurong Point outlet is indeed still listed as “Temporarily closed”.

Source: Google Maps

A recent photo uploaded to Google Maps on Thursday (12 Oct) evening also shows the Jurong Point outlet closed for business, with the same sign from the TikTok video.

Source: Christopher Lim on Google Maps

Unclear how many outlets are affected

While the sign mentions that “baristas islandwide deserve a conducive work environment”, it’s currently unclear if any other outlets are affected by the so-called strike.

MS News has reached out to Flash Coffee for comments and will update the article if they get back.

Have you spotted anything similar at other outlets? Share your observations with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Christopher Lim on Google Maps and Google Maps.

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