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New ERP On-Board Units Will Be Installed From 1 Nov, Touchscreen Display Not Compulsory

Drivers Will Be Notified By LTA When They Can Install New ERP On-Board Units

Like it or loathe it, Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system has been a fixture on our roads for 25 years.

Thus, the authorities have decided that it’s time for an upgrade to new ERP on-board units (OBUs).

These will progressively be installed from next Wednesday (1 Nov).

One of the components, the touchscreen display, isn’t compulsory.

ERP on-board units will replace existing in-vehicle units

In a news release on Monday (23 Oct), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the new OBUs will be installed in phases from 1 Nov.

First up will be fleet vehicles that are registered to either a company or an organisation.

The new OBUs will replace the existing in-vehicle unit and will run on a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based system dubbed “ERP 2.0”.

Private vehicle owners will be notified when it’s their turn

Private vehicle owners, which ostensibly comprise the bulk of vehicle owners in Singapore, will be notified by LTA when it’s their turn to get an OBU.

They will be scheduled for installation in batches, based on the age of the vehicles.

Instructions will be provided on how to schedule an installation appointment, with the installation free of charge to all eligible Singapore-registered vehicles.

However, they must complete the installation within two months, LTA said. More details will be announced early next year.

From the first quarter of next year, new vehicles will also come with the new OBU fitted.

ERP on-board units will have 3 components

The new OBU will have three components — a processing unit, an antenna, and a touchscreen display.

Source: Land Transport Authority

The processing unit is where a valid contactless smart card is inserted for payment.

Source: Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving on Facebook

The antenna must be mounted on the windscreen together with a touchscreen display.

Source: Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving on Facebook

According to the LTA, the touchscreen display will provide motorists with ERP-related information like charges and card balance as well as road and traffic updates.

When the transition to ERP 2.0 is completed by the end of 2025, the touchscreen display will be able to support additional features.

They may provide useful information such as real-time traffic alerts, payment of roadside parking, and tolls at the checkpoints.

Touchscreen display not compulsory: LTA

The touchscreen display, however, is not compulsory and motorists may opt out of installing it, LTA said.

This comes in response to public feedback.

An OBU without the touchscreen display installed. Source: Land Transport Authority

LTA nevertheless advised drivers to install the full OBU, though, saying,

Those without the touchscreen display will be able to access key information via mobile apps on their smartphones.

Motorcyclists’ on-board units will have 1 piece

Motorcyclists will get the new OBU too — with its three components combined into one piece.

This will be mounted on the motorbike handlebars.

Source: Land Transport Authority

As the single-piece OBU is built for outdoor conditions, it can’t be used in the warm enclosed environment of cars, LTA said.

No change to how ERP is charged for now: LTA

As we transition into new OBUs, some motorists may worry that they might end up paying more ERP.

To that, LTA said there will be no change to how motorists are currently charged for ERP during the transition period.

There are also no immediate plans to introduce distance-based charging.

After the transition period, the familiar ERP gantries will be gradually removed.

When that happens, ERP charging locations will be clearly indicated in other ways that LTA is currently studying.

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