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S'porean Youngsters Balance Precariously On E-Bike At High Speeds, Called Out For Lack Of Protective Gear

Young Singaporeans Balance On Fast-Moving E-Bike Without Protective Gear

Riders of smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and Power-Assisted Bicycles (PAB) have to be extra vigilant about road safety due to the high risks involved. Thus, a video showing two young Singaporeans balancing on a PAB without protective gear shocked netizens.

The two riders of the e-bike were sat in awkward positions, legs bent. They travelled at comparable speeds to cars around them, yet failed to wear any protective equipment.

The lack of helmets broke LTA rules on e-bike riding, and many were concerned about the sheer danger they were putting themselves in.

The OP also focused on how they could affect other road users should something bad happen to them through their own ignorance.

Youngsters ride e-bike at high speeds

The video uploaded to Instagram on 30 Sep showed two youths riding an e-bike on the road.

The e-bike was clearly too small to fit the two of them. Thus, the rider sat with legs bent as if kneeling while his female passenger clung to his shoulders.

Source: @genevievewijaya on Instagram

The two rode at high speeds, initially even speeding past the car the video taker sat in. He even remarked, “Steady, go faster than [this car].”

Source: @genevievewijaya on Instagram

Neither of them wore any sort of protection on their head or exposed skin.

The two motorists in the car can’t help but laugh at the sight when they gradually overtake the e-bike.

Source: @genevievewijaya on Instagram

“He better pay attention,” one said.

The male rider then appears to flip them off.

Source: @genevievewijaya on Instagram

Netizens concerned about the safety of youngsters on e-bike

The OP wrote in the video’s text: “Can someone do something to help youngsters NOT die on the road from this level of stupid?”

Netizens quickly acknowledged the danger the riders put themselves in. One pointed out that should they fall, their unprotected kneecaps would be mangled by the road.

Source: Instagram

The OP however, found their sympathies lying with how other road users would be affected by seeing the result of them crashing.

“There is no need to highlight to youngsters that this is dangerous. They already knew and that may be why they mistook this as cool,” the OP wrote in the caption, tagging the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the police as well.

Source: @genevievewijaya on Instagram

One Facebook user commented that the LTA or Traffic Police should conduct more roadblocks to catch these “daredevils”.

Source: Facebook

The two of them additionally broke LTA’s on-road laws by not wearing helmets.

Source: OneMotoring

The young riders’ ages are unknown, but if they turn out to be younger than 16, then they have violated another one of LTA’s laws.

Even so, the fine or jail term penalty pales in comparison to the potential gruesome injuries or even death from a crash without protection.

Last month, another rider was spotted at high speeds on the Pasir Ris flyover without a helmet.

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Featured image adapted from @genevievewijaya on Instagram.

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