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Dog Killed In Lim Chu Kang Hit-And-Run Accident, Homes Needed For Strays

Dog Killed In Lim Chu Kang Hit-And-Run Accident Leaves Behind A Son

It’s always horrific when road accidents happen to animals but hit-and-run accidents are arguably worse still as there’s nobody to take responsibility.

A dog that was involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident in Lim Chu Kang unfortunately passed away from his injuries.

Source: Save the LCK Dogs on Facebook

Since this incident, feeders have reiterated their appeal for fosterers or adopters for the strays in the area.

Dog hit in far-flung Lim Chu Kang Road

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (8 Nov), a group named Save the LCK Dogs revealed some sad news.

A dog named “Baogong” was killed in an alleged hit-and-run accident sometime in September, they said.

This happened on Lim Chu Kang Road, a road in a far-flung corner of north-west Singapore.

Source: Google Maps

The stretch sees many heavy vehicles zooming up and down, said the post, leading dogs there to scurry for safety because some vehicles wouldn’t slow down for them.

Dog’s body still warm when feeders rushed down

As for Baogong, feeders were alerted to his accident but it was too late when they rushed down.

His body was still warm on the road, indicating that he had just been run over.

Another dog named “Dalmatian”, who is Baogong’s good friend, was standing over the carcass in distress and shock.

The feeders surmised that he must have seen what happened.

Eventually, Baogong’s remains were sent for cremation.

Dog used to hang out at accident scene with son

Baogong left behind a son, which they named “Baogong Jr”.

After having lost his dad, Baogong Jr visited the scene of his demise — a place where father and son used to hang out, said the group.

Source: Save the LCK Dogs on Facebook

Hopefully, Baogong Jr will stay safe and cope with life without his father.

Many Lim Chu Kang dogs became roadkill

According to their group description, Save the LCK Dogs contains “like-minded independent feeders trying our best to save the Lim Chu Kang dogs”.

In a post on Tuesday (7 Nov), they said the dogs will eventually have no home as the land there is being reclaimed.

Source: Save the LCK Dogs on Facebook

Worse still, some of the factories there abandoned their dogs when they moved out, the post claimed.

This has resulted in the canines wandering out onto the road. As it’s busy with heavy vehicles, some of them have become roadkill.

So far, eight of them have died from hit-and-runs, snake bites, injuries and illnesses, among other reasons.

The comparatively lucky ones ended up escaping with injuries.

Source: Save the LCK Dogs on Facebook

The group’s feeders have already rescued 13 dogs this year.

Feeders appeal for help

Thus, the group is appealing for fosterers and adopters to help house the dogs they’ve rescued.

Those injured also need funds to pay for their medical bills, the feeders said, adding,

Without help, the feeders worry about their charges every day, fearing more of them will end up as roadkill.

If you’re willing to help out or, better still, give a dog a forever home, perhaps you could reach out to Save the LCK Dogs on Facebook and share their posts.

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Featured image adapted from Save the LCK Dogs on Facebook.

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