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M’sian Woman With Disability Sells Burgers To Make Living, Her Independence Earns Viewers’ Admiration

Malaysian Woman With Disability Goes Viral For Running Her Own Burger Stall

Being born with a disability isn’t always a hindrance to chasing one’s dreams. In fact, it might even fuel one to work harder for them.

That certainly appears to be the case for one Malaysian woman, who recently went viral for running her own burger stall in spite of her disability.disability burger stalldisability burger stall

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

The young lady won viewers’ hearts after appearing in a video that showcased her deft burger-cooking skills.

Culinary talent aside, viewers were also moved by her cheerful disposition and independence.

Woman runs burger stall alongside father despite disability

29-year-old Jaheerah Nadzri aka Eerah recently gained attention through a video by Malaysian food guide KL Foodie.

In the three-minute clip, she demonstrated how she makes her signature ‘Burger Kahwin Special’, which roughly translates to ‘Special Wedding Burger’.

The indulgent dish is made up of beef, chicken, eggs, and cheese, making it the ideal sinful supper for night owls.disability burger stalldisability burger stall

Source: KL Foodie on Facebook

The stall is simply named Eerah Burger and operates in Sepang, Selangor.

Viewers were charmed by Ms Eerah’s bright smile, which she flashed at the cameraman as she gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Her father also made an appearance in the video. Together, they run the stall daily from 6pm to 12am, with Saturdays off.

Woman often showcases videos of everyday life on social media

Prior to the viral video, Ms Eerah was actually already a hit on TikTok thanks to her over 500,000-strong following on the platform.

On her profile, one can see numerous videos of Ms Eerah going about her daily life like any other woman in her 20s.

In one video, she can be seen applying makeup as part of her afternoon routine.

Despite her limited mobility, she proves quite skilful in applying eyeliner and lip gloss.disability burger stalldisability burger stall

Source: @jaheerahnadzri94 on TikTok

She is later seen carrying a big box of burger buns into a car before heading to the stall to start work for the night.

Her determination to lead a normal life often draws reactions of admiration from viewers. Many of them say that she inspires them to work harder and be more grateful.

Father hopes Eerah can find a partner to care for her after he passes

In an interview with Malaysian news outlet Sinar Harian, Ms Eerah’s father, Nadzri Abdul Majid, revealed that she is the only daughter among his four children.

As such, he is extra protective of her.disability burger stalldisability burger stall

Source: Sinar Harian

He also shared that he always supports and accompanies her as she still needs help in any work she does.

“She has never been employed due to a lack of qualifications, but the main reason is that her physical condition requires her to seek help from those around her,” he explained.

Furthermore, she is unable to drive a car or ride a motorbike. Even communicating with others can be a challenge.

To that end, Mr Nadzri hopes for Ms Eerah to find a partner who can care for her when he is no longer around.

Besides that, he frequently reminds Ms Eerah’s siblings to look out for her after he has passed on.

If she can make a living independently and have a family of her own, he would be at ease.

No excuse for the rest of us to not work hard

Seeing Ms Eerah’s indomitable spirit and enterprising attitude, it is no wonder why she has earned such a following online.

If someone like her can make a life, there is hardly any excuse for the rest of us to not strive just as hard.

Should you happen to be in the area and are craving some burgers, here’s how you can get to her stall:

Eerah BurgerAddress: Jalan Warisan Megah 1/5, Kota Warisan, 43900 Sepang, Selangor, MalaysiaOpening hours: 6pm – 12am daily (closed on Saturdays)

We wish Ms Eerah all the best and hope her F&B business will continue to grow and prosper.

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Featured image adapted from KL Foodie on Facebook.

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