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Asian Dad Casually Sleeps On Plane Floor During 15-Hour Flight In Economy Class

TikToker’s Dad Sleeps On Plane Floor During Long-Haul Flight

Travellers who’ve been on long-haul flights before would know how uncomfortable sleeping in your plane seat can be. Thankfully for an Asian dad who has gone viral, he has found an unlikely solution — lying down on the plane floor instead.

A TikTok video of him doing just that recently has garnered over 7 million views at the time of writing.

While many seemed appalled by his move, others dubbed the man a genius.

Dad sleeps on floor between plane seats

TikToker Natalie Bright posted the video of her father on 16 Oct, after their 15-hour flight in economy class seats.

Although the New York-based creator didn’t specify their destination, her subsequent posts indicated that the family went to visit their “homeland” in South Korea.

The trip itself wasn’t the main draw, however, as Natalie’s dad stole the spotlight. After showing him waiting at the airport, the clip cuts to him lying on the carpet in between what look like aeroplane seats, with his arms folded.

Source: @bynataliebright on TikTok

The middle-aged man appeared unbothered even as someone — sitting cross-legged on the seat above him — reached out to place a phone in the seat pocket.

Later, he remained in the same position as the lighting in the video changed, likely indicating that this was later during the long flight.

Source: @bynataliebright on TikTok

Meanwhile, the person on the seat above also seemed to have lied down across at least two seats at this point.

‘Hack’ amuses everyone but divides opinions

In the caption to her video, Natalie jokingly wrote, “flying economy for 15 hours? no problem”, as if suggesting that this was her dad’s ‘hack’ for surviving a long flight.

She also stated that this meant more room for everyone, as evident in the other passenger lying on the seats.

Since most planes aren’t known for having much legroom, many viewers expressed surprise at the possibility of lying down like that.

Some wondered if the cabin crew said anything to the family or simply let them be for the entire flight. Other viewers expressed their shock at the father’s willingness to lie down on the floor as they assumed it would be rather unhygienic.

Source: TikTok

According to the Sheffield School of Aeronautics, flight crews “rarely vacuum carpets in between flights”, making the floor very unsanitary. Moreover, lying on the floor without a seatbelt could endanger the passenger, who may suffer injuries if there’s turbulence.

While we’re unsure if Natalie’s dad got away with his amusing little hack, perhaps it’s best to avoid trying it, for everyone’s safety.

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Featured image adapted from @bynataliebright on TikTok.

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