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Elderly M'sia Man Assaulted By Robber Disguised As Courier, He Files Police Report

Men Disguise Themselves As Couriers, Assault Elderly Man In Malaysia & Steal Gold Chain

On Monday (16 Oct), two men disguised themselves as couriers before assaulting and robbing a 60-year-old man in his home in Malaysia.

One of them allegedly strangled him and hit him several times before stealing a valuable gold chain.

The victim has since filed a police report regarding the matter.

Robbers disguised as couriers assault elderly man

China Press reported that the incident occurred at about 2pm at a house in Titi, a village in the Jelebu District of Negeri Sembilan.

couriers assaultcouriers assault

Source: China Press

The victim, Chen Guo Liang (transliterated from Mandarin), lives alone.

He shared that at the time of the robbery, he was watching TV at home when a light blue car drove up to his door.

One of the men, who looked to be about 30 to 40 years old, disembarked and claimed he had a package that required Mr Chen’s signature.

This made Mr Chen suspicious as he did not remember purchasing anything online recently. The package did not have his name either.

Despite his misgivings, he went to get a pair of scissors to open the item when the man unexpectedly attacked him, wrapping his hands around Mr Chen’s neck from behind.

The man then snatched Mr Chen’s gold chain. Mr Chen subsequently picked up his scissors to defend himself but was on the receiving end of several punches by his assailant.

Pictures of the aftermath show him with a burst blood vessel in his eye and other injuries.

couriers assaultcouriers assault

Source: China Press

During their scuffle, he pulled off the man’s mask and saw his appearance. After the man succeeded in subduing him, he fled from the scene.

Mr Chen added that the gold chain he lost weighed about 75g. He purchased it for over S$1,000 when he was working in Singapore more than 20 years ago.

Residents urged to be cautious

According to China Press, Mr Chen immediately reported the incident to the local police, as well as the chief of his village.

Chennah state political secretary Wu Yong Han (transliterated from Mandarin) shared that the village chief immediately took Mr Chen to the hospital for treatment after hearing of the news.

Source: China Press

He also called on the elderly living alone to be cautious when encountering strange vehicles and suspicious people.

If they suspect that anything is amiss, they should notify the village committee.

In addition, Mr Wu said Titi village is a famous area for tourists with many often visiting it.

With the conditions of the road to the victim’s home being difficult to get through, he believed that the robbers had planned the assault in advance.

couriers assaultcouriers assault

Source: China Press

He added that the area has always had a low crime rate. While there have been occasional burglaries, injuries never usually occurred.

Mr Wu concluded by urging residents to be careful and vigilant. He also stated that patrols would be increased in the village.

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Featured image adapted from China Press.

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