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Convenience Store In China Sits On Mountainside 120m Above Ground, Offers Climbers Relief

Mountainside Convenience Store In China Serves As Refreshment Centre For Climbers

Climbing a mountain can be pretty strenuous, tiring climbers out during the journey.

In such circumstances, catching a quick break is often difficult — except in the Pingjiang, Hunan province of China.

Located 120m above the ground at a mountainside in the Shiniuzhai scenic area, an unusual convenience store serves as a rest stop for passing climbers.

There, they can get free bottles of water, with prices of other items similar to ordinary stores.

Convenience store in China located at mountainside

According to China Daily, the convenience store is perched on a mountainside in the Shiniuzhai scenic area within the Hunan province.

Source: China Daily

Spanning two square metres, authorities constructed it in 2017. It then opened a year later to visitors.

China Daily revealed that climbers participating in the scenic area’s rock climbing program are typically amateurs.

As a result, they may get hungry and thirsty while making the trip, which would usually take them one and a half hours.

Source: China Daily

This consideration prompted park authorities to build the outlet to serve as a refreshment centre for climbers.

The store’s employees also carry the drinks and food up the mountain every day.

Despite the grueling transport of the products and the unusual venue, general manager of Shiniuzhai Song Huizhou said that the prices of items remain similar to ordinary stores.

Climbers can get free bottles of water at the store

China Daily reports that since its opening, the shop has gained online buzz via social media platforms.

While some joked it was the “least convenient convenience store,” others described it as “adorable.”

There were also those who thought it would be “very cool” to be an employee working in the outlet.

Source: China Daily

Song added that the attention garnered online has caused tourists to flock to the area.

Although the number of visitors was still lower than before the pandemic, he expressed his confidence in it increasing with the situation having improved.

The store’s opening hours are from 8am to 5pm, with one cashier working if there are many customers. Otherwise, climbers can pay for their purchases by scanning a QR code.

In addition, everyone visiting the store would be able to take one free bottle of water.

The store also prioritises safety with employees carrying out routine maintenance and inspections on reinforcements, Song said.

Convenient for amateur climbers

One of the store’s recent customers, Hui Ping from Pingjiang, visited it with a friend during the Mid-Autumn Festival on 29 Sep.

The outlet gave them a free gift bag with water, other beverages, and even mooncake.

Source: China Daily

An amateur climber herself, Hui said she did not want to bring up any extra weight while making the climb.

It was also easy to become exhausted or thirsty during the journey. As such, she welcomed the mountainside store.

“The store is so cool, as you do not come across such a store easily in your daily life,” she said.

“I will definitely recommend my friends to go rock climbing here. It is challenging and also brings a great sense of achievement.”

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Featured image adapted from China Daily.

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