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Cleaner Poses For Photo At Sengkang HDB Corridor, Town Council Says It's For Evaluation

Cleaner Seen Posing For Photo While ‘Sweeping Floor’ At Sengkang HDB Corridor

While HDB flat residents would’ve probably seen cleaners doing their work around their estate, many wouldn’t pay too much attention to them.

However, one resident did, sharing a video of an estate cleaner posing for a photo in the corridor while seemingly pretending to sweep the floor.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

The town council has clarified that this is for evaluation purposes.

Cleaner poses for photo in Sengkang HDB corridor

In the TikTok video posted on 8 Oct, a man holding a broom and dustpan strides to the middle of the corridor, in front of a door.

According to the time stamp, this was recorded at 6.29pm on 6 Oct. The location indicated in the clip is “Sengkang”.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

However, as the man turns his back to the camera, the words “Aljunied-Hougang Town Council” (AHTC) can be seen on the back of his shirt.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

Another man stands across from him and raise his phone, appearing to take a photo of his friend.

The first man then makes sweeping motion with his arm, as if sweeping the floor. It’s uncertain, though, whether he was actually sweeping anything.

Seconds later, the men leave after the photo is taken.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

Netizens imply estate cleaners aren’t doing their jobs

In the caption, the OP perhaps sarcastically called the cleaner the “employee of the month”, as he must take a photo to show proof of his work.

A netizen commented that a cleaner in his block just wiped one spot in the lift area and left after taking a photo — seemingly implying that the Sengkang cleaner was doing the same thing and allegedly not doing his job properly.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

Residents of other estates like Punggol, Bukit Panjang and Tampines also chimed in, saying the same thing was allegedly happening in their estates too.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

However, some commenters pointed out that it’s common practice to take such photos in the cleaning industry to show proof that they did their work.

Source: @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok

Sengkang Town Council needs photo of cleaner for evaluation

Sengkang Town Council (SKTC), in a reply to AsiaOne, said something similar.

SKTC require their contractor to take photos of areas cleaned and the cleaner who was assigned “from time to time”, they said.

This is for their “evaluation”, they added.

They’re also aware of the TikTok video and have addressed the issue with their contractor and AHTC.

As for why the cleaner was wearing an AHTC shirt, SKTC explained that their new contractor had mistakenly distributed AHTC’s uniform to their staff, adding,

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Featured image adapted from @nasigorengpedastknksayur on TikTok.

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