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M'sian Girl Fractures Tailbone After Chair-Pulling Prank In School, Left Bedridden

Chair-Pulling Prank In School Leaves Malaysian Girl Bedridden

While most pranks are relatively harmless, they can sometimes go too far, resulting in horrific consequences.

A Malaysian girl with cerebral palsy was left bedridden and in constant pain as a result of a chair-pulling prank in school.

She now has a fracture on her tailbone, a slipped disc, and even bruising on her bones.

After several days in the hospital, the girl now has to undergo physiotherapy and continue taking painkillers.

Her mother uploaded a series of TikTok videos to share the girl’s story and to warn others against the dangerous prank.

Girl with cerebral palsy left injured & bedridden following chair-pulling prank

On Saturday (14 Oct), the mother posted the first video documenting what happened.Chair-Pulling BedriddenChair-Pulling Bedridden

Source: TikTok

In the short clip, she explained that someone from the girl’s school had pulled the chair out from under her.

Urging viewers to pray for her daughter, the mother revealed that the girl also has cerebral palsy.

“Even though I struggled a lot to raise her, she taught me a lot about life despite her condition,” she said.

“I taught her to be independent and raised her like my other children. Now, I’m heartbroken.”

The following day, the mother posted a second video showing nurses and family members carrying the girl in and out of bed for her MRI scan.Chair-Pulling BedriddenChair-Pulling Bedridden

Source: TikTok

At one point, she was in so much pain that she was crying.

The mother also shared the MRI report in the video.

“Yesterday, she completed her MRI, and her back is severely injured. Hope she gets well soon,” the mother wrote.

Unable to sit for too long, needs physiotherapy & painkillers

On Wednesday (18 Oct), the mother posted an update saying that her daughter had been discharged from the hospital.

However, she still requires a pillow when she sits down.

Source: TikTok

Even then, she cannot sit for too long and has to be on bed rest most of the time.

Additionally, the mother shared a poster warning the public against the dangers of chair-pulling pranks.

Source: TikTok

She then shared that the girl suffered a fracture in her tailbone, slipped discs, as well as bruising on her bones as a result of the prank.

Source: TikTok

According to Sin Chew Daily News, the girl spent four days in hospital before her discharge.

Now that she is out, she has to go for regular physiotherapy and rely on painkillers as she slowly recovers.

A similar tragedy took place earlier this year when Malaysian actress Puteri Rafasya was left with a fractured hip bone after a child pulled away the chair she was sitting on.

Fortunately, she seems to be recovering well and recently returned to work.

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Featured image adapted from @azera5276 on TikTok and TikTok.

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