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Canton Paradise Waives Charge For Dish That Diner Found Bland, Patron Grateful For Thoughtful Gesture

Canton Paradise Cancels Charge For Dish After Diner Says It Tasted Bland

Social media is filled with complaints from customers who allegedly experienced poor service at F&B establishments.

However, the opposite does happen too, with eateries going above and beyond for diners.

This was the case recently when a patron at Canton Paradise praised the restaurant for its excellent customer service.

After telling them he found a dish bland, the restaurant waived the charge for it.

Canton Paradise waives charge for bland dish

According to TikTok user, this happened at the Canton Paradise outlet in Compass One in Sengkang.

He said that he ordered two dishes, kailan and chee cheong fun, which is barbecued pork wrapped in rice flour.

Source: TikTok

However, he found that he didn’t like the second dish, explaining that it “didn’t taste like anything” and it was “super bland”.

Source: TikTok

When he paid for his meal, the staff asked if he wanted to bring the chee cheong fun home.

He responded in the negative, stating that it didn’t taste good.

The employee then cancelled the charge for the dish, saying that it was no problem and he didn’t have to pay for it.

Praises restaurant for service

The OP went on to praise Canton Paradise for its service, adding that the staff “really take pride in what they cook”.

Source: TikTok

“If it is not of the quality that they expect and the customer feedback says that, they don’t mind cancelling it,” he elaborated.

The OP ended his account by urging his followers to pay the restaurant a visit.

Netizens have similarly praised the eatery for the generous gesture in the comments section.

Source: TikTok

Other users said it was a sign of good customer service from Canton Paradise.

Source: TikTok

Of course, this isn’t the only time a diner has enjoyed excellent service from a restaurant in Singapore.

Last month, a customer shared that he received a new iPhone cable from Haidilao after he accidentally left his old one there.

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Featured image adapted from on TikTok.

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