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12-Year-Old Boy Cooks & Cleans At Parents’ Restaurant In China, Wants To Alleviate Their Burden

Young Boy Prefers To Help At Parents’ Restaurant To Resting Even On Weekends

At 12 years old, most children are probably thinking of the next fun thing to do after resting from school. But for a boy in China nicknamed NiuNiu, his parents’ restaurant is almost always on his mind.

Source: 好食勇哥 on Douyin

Helping out there willingly every day, the young boy has picked up impressive skills from mere observation.

He’s now able to cook and clean without supervision and has big dreams of expanding the business so his parents can relax in comfort.

Boy goes viral for expert cooking skills

Niuniu gained online fame recently when videos of him demonstrating his expert cooking skills went viral on Douyin.

A post by influencer @Zenggezhendi showed the young boy lifting and spinning a wok using just a ladle.

Source: 食探 (曾哥振弟) on Douyin

Of course, he cooks up yummy dishes in said wok, including noodles which he makes from scratch and pulls by hand.

Source: 食探 (曾哥振弟) on Douyin

In the video, Niuniu told @Zenggezhendi that he had been helping out at his parents’ noodle shop since he was five years old, noted South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Besides his skills in the kitchen, the 12-year-old also pitches in by serving customers and cleaning, as captured in another video by influencer @Haoshiyongge.

Source: 好食勇哥 on Douyin

His mother, Ms Wang, shared that her son picked up his deft skills through mere observation.

He can now apparently make complex Chinese dishes like ban mian and ground pot chicken or di guo ji.

Young boy dreams of making parents’ restaurant successful

Despite attending school most days of the week, Niuniu always finds time after lessons and after finishing schoolwork to help his parents at their shop.

On weekends, he would even wake up at 5am to get things running at the restaurant, Ms Wang shared.

When his parents told him to rest or play, Niuniu would allegedly get upset, thinking that they wouldn’t let him work.

“Playing with phones and toys is childish,” the young boy quipped.

Niuniu already has great ambitions to expand the family business globally. Should he succeed, he would become the company’s general manager while his mum is president, reported SCMP.

At the heart of all he does is his love for his parents, as he claims he wants to make enough money to buy his mother nice clothes.

Source: 食探 (曾哥振弟) on Douyin

For now, Niuniu will continue contributing to the restaurant as he wishes to share his parents’ burden.

Kudos to him for being so thoughtful and kind. Hopefully, all the hard work will pay off and Niuniu and his family will lead happy lives together.

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Featured image adapted from 食探 (曾哥振弟) on Douyin and 好食勇哥 on Douyin.

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