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Man In China Begs Paralysed Mother To Pass On, Was Sole Caregiver For 10 Years

Man In China Begs Paralysed Mother To Pass On After Taking Care Of Her For 10 Years

Being a caregiver to an ailing family member is not an easy task. Not only does it require most, if not all, of one’s waking hours, but it can also be a huge financial strain.

A man in China has been the sole caregiver to his paralysed mother for over 10 years. The man would reportedly spend several hours a day helping to maintain the elderly woman’s hygiene.

On top of that, her medical bills have also depleted his savings over time. In a gut-wrenching move, he got on his knees to beg his mother to pass on.

Man kneels & kowtows to bedridden mother, begs her to pass on

Last Thursday (26 Oct), the man from Guangxi, China shared his predicament on the Chinese social media platform Douyin.

The video showed him wiping his eyes before getting on his knees and facing his bedridden mother.

Source: Douyin

Heartbreakingly, he then proceeded to kowtow to the elderly woman.

According to the in-video text, he was begging his mother to pass on each time his head touched the ground.Begs Mother Pass OnBegs Mother Pass On

Source: Douyin

In the captions of the video, the man expressed that from now on, he will only be taking care of his mother in the simplest way possible.

Has been mother’s sole caregiver for a decade, depleted time & savings

He explained that he has been the sole caretaker of his paralysed mother for over 10 years. According to Chinese media, he has also depleted his savings on her medical bills.

Even though his unwavering care for his mother remained unchanged throughout the decade, other aspects of his life have been affected.

Every day, he has to shower his mother twice, wipe her down several times, and change her diapers five to six times.

Source: Douyin

Additionally, he has to feed her and make sure she is clean after she defecates. He also gives the bedridden woman a back massage every three hours.

“I’ve been sleeping only four hours daily for the past 10 years…My back hurts, my heart is broken, I can’t go on anymore,” said the man.

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Featured image adapted from Douyin.

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