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AMK Hub Security Guard Asks Elderly Parents To Park PMAs Elsewhere During Lunch

AMK Hub Security Guard Tells Elderly Parents To Move PMAs Elsewhere During Their Lunch

While having their lunch at Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub, a man’s afternoon outing with his elderly parents was interrupted by a security guard asking them to park their personal mobility aids (PMAs) at level 1 instead of level 2.

As a result, they decided to halt their lunch and pack the rest of their meal, fearful of having to pay a fine.

Their son subsequently took to social media to share that if his parents could walk from level 2 from level 1, they wouldn’t require mobility aids.;

AMK hub security guard tells elderly parents to park PMAs elsewhere

Posting to TikTok, Chen Zhenxing aka @laihengong76 shared further details of the incident.

In the video caption, he stated that he had brought his elderly parents to a restaurant at AMK Hub for lunch.

Source: TikTok

They had parked their PMAs outside the restaurant at the second level of the mall.

However, a security guard approached them halfway through the meal, asking them to move their electric vehicles to the first level.

Chen pointed out that if his parents were able to walk easily from the second to the first level, they wouldn’t need to use mobility aids.

Unable to proceed with their meal, his parents decided to pack the lunch and head home.

The video shows them heading slowly out of the restaurant with assistance from their companions.

Source: TikTok

The man recording the incident says that parking the PMAs in the area was still not allowed even though they weren’t blocking the main pathway.

He then shows the Parking Advisory the two had received for parking the bicycles on the second floor.

Source: TikTok

Security guard issued them with notice during their meal

Speaking to 8world News, Chen shared that his parents entered an eatery at AMK Hub for lunch on 11 Nov, 3.20pm.

At around 3.45pm, they received their food at the restaurant.

A security guard then approached them, asking if the PMAs belonged to the couple. He insisted on them moving the devices to an area outside the mall’s first level.

Chen proceeded to explain that his parents would have difficulties walking to the first floor and their food had already been served. As such, he asked if it would be possible to let them finish their meal before leaving.

Despite his request, the guard still issued them with the parking advisory.

Chen added that his father and mother were 86 and 75 years old respectively. If they could move around easily, they wouldn’t be in need of the vehicles, he said.

Never experienced such a situation before

Fearing that they would have to pay a fine, Chen’s parents decided to pack up the food and bring it home.

“Even the waiters in the restaurant told my parents to eat slowly and not to rush, but they didn’t dare to continue eating and hurriedly left the mall,” Chen said.

Adding that they lived nearby, he shared that this wasn’t the first time they had brought PMAs into a shopping mall. Before this, security guards had never stopped them.

“We understand that security guards are only doing their jobs,” Chen said. “However, the local population is aging, and most of the elderly have mobility issues.”

He went on to express his hope that shopping malls would be more lenient towards the elderly.

MS News has reached out to AMK Hub for more information on the matter and will update the article if they respond.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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