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Woman Argues With Bencoolen Al-Jilani Staff Over S$15 Cleaning Fee After Friend Vomits In Restaurant

Al-Jilani Staff Asks Woman To Pay Cleaning Fee For Friend’s Vomit

A woman was seen arguing with staff at Al-Jilani — a popular restaurant for late-night meals in Bencoolen — over a S$15 cleaning fee.

According to a witness, the woman’s friend had vomited and was told to pay the fee.

However, the woman became upset and started telling the staff off, asking for the “terms and conditions”.

She appeared to get in their faces, while her companion looked visibly embarrassed.

After several minutes of arguing, the woman allegedly said they’d clean up the vomit but left with her friends after staff went to get cleaning materials.

Woman argues with restaurant staff after friend throws up

The witness, who prefers to be anonymous, posted a TikTok video of the incident on Saturday (7 Oct). The clip seems to have been taken down but not before it made its way to the Singapore Incidents Facebook page, where it went viral with nearly 800 shares at the time of writing.

The OP told MS News that the incident took place at 3am that day. She and her friends were sitting near another group when a person, who appeared to be drunk, threw up.

Upon noticing the mess, the staff came over to tell them that they’d be charged S$15.

The woman in the video then began to argue with the staff over the fee.

Source: TikTok

The clip showed her standing at the cashier with a man who appeared to be her friend.

Belligerent woman asks for terms & conditions

According to the OP, the woman was arguing about the restaurant not disclosing a cleaning fee through a shop notice.

“She claimed that the cleaning fee should have been disclosed via a shop notice and asked for the terms and conditions.

“The staff at first tried to reason with her as you can see in the video clip, but she got up in their face and continued to be aggressive,” the OP told MS News.

The woman can also be heard repeatedly asking, “What do you mean by S$15?” and “Show me where’s your terms and conditions” in the video.

Source: TikTok

The OP added that the woman also scolded the staff. She allegedly asked, “What if people get diarrhoea and cannot control? Are you a human? $15? We can afford it, no problem. The problem is where are the terms and conditions. You should display it on the wall.”

In the end, the woman claimed that they should not have been charged a fee and that if cleaning was an issue, she would clean the puke herself.

But when the staff brought out cleaning materials, the woman and her friends stormed off.

“So much for cleaning the mess herself,” the OP commented.

Clean up if you don’t wish to pay

As Al-Jilani is a supper spot close to several bars, staff have probably seen their fair share of unruly and drunk customers.

Therefore, like other F&B establishments including bars, they understandably have a cleaning fee.

In this case, even if the woman didn’t wish to pay a fee, perhaps she and her friends could have simply offered to clean up after themselves.

A S$15 fee might seem steep, but the mess inconveniences not only staff but also other customers.

It’s perhaps only right that people learn to clean up their own mess or pay a fee if they don’t do so.

MS News has reached out to Al-Jilani for comment. We’ll update the article if they get back.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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