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ABC Brickworks Western Stall Hopes To Sell Business, May Close If No Buyer Found

ABC Brickworks Western Stall Hawker Wants To Retire Due To Poor Health

Many Singaporeans have favourite hawker stalls that they’ve patronised for years.

However, since these stalls have been open for so long, their owners are inevitably ageing and would want to retire sooner or later.

This common scenario is playing out yet again at a well-known Western food stall in ABC Brickworks Food Centre in Bukit Merah, which is trying to sell its business.

If no suitable buyer is found, they may close down for good.

ABC Brickworks Western stall looking for buyer with sincere heart

In a Facebook post on 1 Oct, Wow Wow West Genuine at ABC Brickworks announced that their business was up for sale.

Hence, they were looking for the “perfect owner” to take over an “established and profitable business”.

Source: Wow Wow West Genuine on Facebook

In a subsequent post, they said the right buyer should have a “sincere heart” and “the fire in them to serve customers”.

Lady boss suffered an aneurysm

Wow Wow West Genuine is run by married couple Huang Jincai, 59, and Yu Yuyan, 61 (transliterated from Mandarin) — the latter known for her eye-catching full head of white hair.

Source: Wow Wow West Genuine on Facebook

However, their eldest daughter Huang Shiya told Shin Min Daily News that her mother suffered an aneurysm a few years ago.

She was also hospitalised for one month.

That was the “lowest point” for the family, 35-year-old Ms Huang said, and they started thinking that their parents should retire so they could take care of their health.

Thus, after deep consideration, they decided to sell the business and their recipe.

No successors in the family

This decision was a tough one to make as the business was thriving, but they had to consider their mother’s health, Ms Huang said.

As for why someone in the family can’t take over the business, she maintained that she and her sister are happy with their respective careers.

Another sister who is helping out at the stall wants to find her own path, she added.

Even if they leave the stall to employees, her parents would still worry, so it’s best to just let someone else take over, she explained.

Source: Wow Wow West Genuine on Facebook

ABC Brickworks Western stall started in 1999

Wow Wow West Genuine started out in 1999 as a canteen stall at Raffles Institution (RI).

Interestingly, the name “Wow Wow West” was coined by the students, and they decided to keep it for their loyal customers, according to a 2022 review of the stall by Eatbook.

Even though they moved to ABC Brickworks in 2007, some former students still visit the stall, Mdm Yu said.

A former RI student visiting the stall. Source: Wow Wow West Genuine on Facebook

It heartens her to see them grown up, working, and having families, she added.

Their best-selling dish is the Fish and Chips. For S$8, one can get a mammoth portion of fish fillet with crunchy batter and moist flesh. It also comes with a mix of chilli and tartar sauce.

Other delights include their steak — they’re one of the few hawker stalls that ask customers how they would like it — and their massive chicken chop with a large and succulent sausage.

Stall will close if no buyer found

So far, several parties have already expressed their interest, Ms Huang told Shin Min.

They have no special requirements for buyers, she said, and would be willing to train them to ensure the food quality is maintained.

She declined to divulge their asking price.

However, she did indicate that even if no suitable buyer is found, they would “let go” of the business.

That’s because her mother’s health is the priority, she added.

Hope a suitable buyer can be found

Running a hawker stall is arduous and Mdm Yu deserves a good rest after working hard for so long.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to find a suitable buyer and the new owner will keep up the same quality of food.

Failing which, yet another legendary hawker story will have the most dreaded outcome — permanent closure.

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Featured image adapted from Eatbook.

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