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Paranormal Seekers Visit Abandoned Sin Ming HDB Block, Tripod Mysteriously Moves During Exploration

Tripod Mysteriously Ends Up At Different Spot At Abandoned Sin Ming HDB

Although Singapore is an urban city, some locations still prove notorious as hotbeds for supernatural activity. Among them is an abandoned HDB block in Sin Ming, which a group of paranormal seekers decided to visit quite recently.

While exploring the area, they apparently left their tripod by a staircase landing.

They later allegedly saw it in a different location even though nobody had moved it.

Paranormal seekers explore abandoned Sin Ming HDB

Paranormal enthusiasts After Midnight SG aka @aftermidnightsg on TikTok posted footage of their experience to the social media platform.

The video started with them explaining that they had decided to explore Block 26 Sin Ming Road.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

As the building was abandoned, nobody was there, save for the three crew members.

The man behind the camera explained that they were going up to the twelfth floor, which allegedly experienced the most activity.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

Upon reaching that level, the trio almost immediately heard a loud bang coming from the corridor and stopped to check it out.

As they walked along the corridor, they managed to hear what sounded like someone moving their furniture, which they captured on their recording device.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

Passing by the empty units, the crew showed how most gates and doors were locked, some even with cable ties.

The corridors were also littered with random items, with water even pooling outside one unit.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

Perhaps reacting to the eerie setting, the cameraman gestured at the long hallway with the lift right at the end, exclaiming, “Imagine if you’re living here and your corridor is like this…and the lift is there.”

Tripod allegedly moves after crew leaves it behind

Thereafter, the crew chanced upon a unit with an open door, which they peeked into.

Shocked as the doors to other units were closed, one of them wondered, “Can you imagine [if] someone [was] staring at you?”

This creeped out the cameraman as he captured the interior of the unit, which appeared sparse without a single piece of furniture in sight.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

As they reached the end of the corridor and approached the lift on the 11th storey, one crew member noticed their tripod standing smack in the middle of the hallway, on the opposite end.

Pointing at it with evident curiosity on his face, he asked in Malay, “That’s our tripod, right?”

In the onscreen text, they explained that they had initially placed it near the staircase, which was out of view.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

The clip then rolled to a previous scene showing them doing just that and placing the tripod near some steps.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

Therefore, seeing it in a different spot, in the middle of the corridor, and standing perfectly upright gave them a fright.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

Crew felt ‘someone’ following them

In a follow-up video, the crew continued with their investigation and encountered more mysterious occurrences such as a unit’s gate slamming back at them, loud bangs, and the feeling that someone was following them.

Source: @aftermidnightsg on TikTok

But that was apparently not all as they ended that video by saying that they would be uploading a third part of their adventure soon.

Whatever may come in their subsequent posts, we hope that the crew stays safe on their paranormal adventures. As scary as they may seem, they do offer us a glimpse into different sides of Singapore we may not always see.

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Featured image adapted from @aftermidnightsg on TikTok.

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