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Double-Decker Bus Catches Fire At Tampines, SCDF Puts Out Flames After TikToker Calls Them

Double-Decker Bus Spotted On Fire At Tampines, SCDF Called To Scene By TikToker

The last thing you’d want on your bus trip is a fire. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a public double-decker bus in Tampines.

A TikTok user found the bus filled with smoke, with a fire raging at its rear. It remained stationary at the junction of Tampines Avenue 3 and 4.

He contacted the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) in a conversation that resulted in some confusion between those on the line.

Thankfully, the SCDF showed up soon and quickly extinguished the fire with no reported injuries.

Bus on fire in Tampines

Earlier today (17 Oct), TikTok user @ridleyyyyy posted a video of the fire. The incident took place at around 10.15pm yesterday (16 Oct) night, according to the SCDF.

The OP told MS News that he and his two friends were waiting at a bus stop when they noticed smoke billowing from a distance.

Curious, they headed over to investigate and found a double-decker public transport bus on fire on Tampines Avenue 4.

The bus was empty and left unmoving at the intersection with Tampines Avenue 3.

Source: @ridleyyyyy on TikTok

Smoke filled the interior and billowed out into the sky as well. As the OP filmed, the bus’ lights appeared to cut off.

Source: @ridleyyyyy on TikTok

@ridleyyyyyy then dialled for the SCDF while a friend filmed the exchange.

After picking up, the operator asked if it was a private bus on fire, to which the OP replied that it was a public transport bus.

Next, the operator queried if any passengers remained on the burning bus. Mistaking the question as to whether there were any people at the scene and noticing numerous passers-by watching, the OP replied with “Yeah, a lot of people!”

Source: @ridleyyyyy on TikTok

A quick correction from his friend got them back on the right track, and they eventually managed to convey the location to the SCDF operator.

Perhaps nerves played a part in the conversation, as the OP told MS News that he understandably felt shocked, given it was his first encounter with a real fire.

SCDF extinguished the flames

At around 10.25pm, two SCDF firetrucks showed up, sirens flashing.

Source: @ridleyyyyy on TikTok

By then, the bus fire had become even larger. But like pros, the SCDF officers calmly and quickly set up their firefighting equipment.

Source: @ridleyyyyy on TikTok

Soon, their water jet and hose reel extinguished the flames.

Source: @ridleyyyyy on TikTok

The SCDF told MS News that the fire involved the bus’ engine compartment and that the cause of the fire was under investigation.

They also said they did not receive any reports of injuries.

The OP, watching from across the road, marvelled that the SCDF did “an amazing job” putting out the fire. He respectfully lauded them as the “heroes of Singapore”.

Last month, the SCDF rescued an unwell man from a 40m-tall tower crane in Tuas.

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Featured image adapted from @ridleyyyyy on TikTok.

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