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S'pore Man Pays Sex Worker S$2 After Services, Arrested For Repeated Offences Against Women

Singapore Man Paid S$2 For Service Of Sex Worker, Was On Remission For Similar Offences

When someone provides any service, properly compensating them is only fair.

A Singaporean man, however, paid a sex worker just S$2 after services despite her fee of S$700 per hour.

The culprit, 40-year-old Abdul Rahman, turned out to be a repeat offender who previously assaulted women who refused to have sex with him — two of whom did so because he didn’t pay them.

The court had previously sentenced him to jail time but after being released on remission, he struck again with an Australian sex worker in 2022.

Considering the repeat offence, the judge handed him a sentence of over three years’ jail on Tuesday (31 Oct).

Man has history of attacking women who refused his advances

Abdul Rahman’s crime streak began back in 2017, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA). In November that year, he met up with a woman he found online earlier in the month. He previously agreed to pay the 21-year-old S$800 for two sessions of sex.

When they met, Abdul Rahman claimed to have forgotten to bring the money. He asked the victim to meet him at his alleged home.

However, the offender then began kissing her at a staircase landing. When she refused to begin without the promised fees, he punched the woman multiple times in the head and stomach before fleeing.

Source: Dan Burton on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only

The woman suffered a nose injury from the attack and allegedly had to go to Bangkok for nose reconstruction.

In Jan 2018, Abdul Rahman met a 32-year-old unemployed woman at a hotel. She changed her mind about having sex and attempted to leave after he argued with her.

He then punched her in the body, and then in the jaw when his victim attempted to call hotel reception. The two had a quick session of sex before Abdul Rahman left and she called the police.

Victim fled hotel room naked after being attacked in 2018

In Aug 2018, he met an 18-year-old student who advertised sexual services online. At a hotel room, the girl requested for Abdul Rahman to pay her the agreed-upon S$5,000 before having sex.

He refused, saying he would pay her after. He then kissed her, causing the girl to push him away. Abdul Rahman proceeded to punch her on the head several times while covering her mouth with one hand.

The girl fled the room naked and screaming for help. A woman from another room took her in, where the victim called the police.

Source: Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only

In court, Abdul Rahman pleaded guilty to three charges of voluntarily causing hurt and was sentenced to jail time.

The prosecutor highlighted how he inflicted physical harm and disregarded the personal autonomy of his victims.

Man paid sex worker just S$2 while on remission in 2022

According to CNA, he previously received 32 months’ jail. He eventually got released on remission and in Nov 2022, contacted a 35-year-old Australian sex worker.

She entered Singapore on holiday alone, and her website stated she was “touring in Singapore”. The woman’s website also included her services and rates, at S$700 an hour usually.

When Abdul Rahman contacted her on WhatsApp for services, she agreed and informed him of her rates. He did not respond to those messages, instead focusing on discussing their meet-up.

He headed over to the room she stayed at where they had sex. Afterwards, the victim requested the S$700 payment.

Abdul Rahman then claimed they had not agreed on the rates and handed her a S$2 note instead before leaving. Thus, she filed a police report after contacting the Australian High Commission.

Source: MAS, for illustration purposes only

The offender deleted the victim’s messages about her rates to hide the proof. Unsurprisingly, the victim’s phone retained all the messages.

Highlighted as having tendency for reoffending

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining services with intent to avoid payment.

The prosecutor sought 38 to 40 months’ jail due to the similarity to his previous offences. He argued that this showed Abdul Rahman’s tendency for reoffending and as such requested a longer sentence.

On 31 Oct, the judge sentenced Abdul Rahman to three years’ (36 months’) jail for his charge. Additionally, he received another 71 days’ jail for breaching his remission.

Earlier this year, a man got 9 weeks’ jail for having sex with a 15-year-old sex worker without verifying her age.

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