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Child Falls Out Of Moving Car In M‘sia, Gets Hit By 2 Vehicles But Survives

Child Falls Out Of Moving Car In Malaysia, Survives Getting Hit By 2 Cars

A shocking video showed a young child tumbling out the rear doors of a moving car in Kelantan, Malaysia.

Two cars then knocked into the kid, unable to see his small frame on the road. The black car the child fell out of continued onwards without noticing.

Concerned motorists rushed in to help, with the small boy thankfully getting up alive.

Police have urged the driver of the car the boy fell out of to step forward, along with the camcar driver.

Child falls out of moving car in Malaysia

The dashcam footage, which was uploaded many times to social media, shows that the incident happened on 17 Oct at 5.42pm.

According to Malay Mail, the harrowing sight took place along Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra in Kota Bahru.

A black car was making a U-turn at a busy intersection when all of a sudden, the left rear door opened and a young boy fell out onto the road.

Source: Tanpa Nama on Facebook

Unable to see the child lying on the road, a white car right behind ran over the child in a grazing blow.

A motorcyclist beside the camcar visibly flinched when it happened.

Source: Info Malaysia on Facebook

Shockingly, the black car the boy was in kept travelling down the road, its driver apparently unaware that they had lost a passenger or that the rear door was hanging wide open.

The boy then quickly got up but stood still as he looked around in confusion.

At that moment, a red car also making a U-turn rammed right into the kid, braking just a moment too late.

Source: Tanpa Nama on Facebook

The impact knocked the child a few metres away in a painful-looking tumble onto the asphalt.

Police urge driver to come forward

Amazingly, the boy was able to pop right back up like the collision was nothing.

Several nearby motorcyclists then quickly rushed over to help him.

Source: Info Malaysia on Facebook

One of the kind motorcyclists then picked the boy up and carried him to safety off the busy road.

Source: Info Malaysia on Facebook

The driver of the red car and the motorcyclist then brought the child to the front of a nearby building to check on him.

Source: Tanpa Nama on Facebook

Kelantan police have urged the driver of the black car and camcar as well as other eyewitnesses to come forward to assist with investigations.

Police chief Muhamad Zaki said the police are investigating the case under Section 43(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. The law concerns “careless and inconsiderate driving”.

The police stated that the driver of the black car allegedly failed to close the rear passenger door properly. Additionally, they did not ensure that the child wore a seat belt, leading to the tumble.

Authorities have not yet identified the driver of the black car.

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Featured image adapted from Tanpa Nama on Facebook.

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